Monday, July 14, 2008


I've been doing way to much traveling between states these days!!! Especially when I have some looming deadlines with packing for Guatemala and writing a paper (which I should probably be doing instead of this blog as well!) However, I had a lot of fun making all these trips. So, this was last week for me - Tuesday I drove up to Chicago to go out to dinner with some co-workers from the clinic. We went to Mi Tierra in La Villita, mmmm good!
Jeannie and I

Marissa and I

Eva and I - they made me wear this sombrero, and they brought out this cool sparkler in a muffin that was huge, but we didn't get a good photo of it!

Then Wed. morning I headed to Wisconsin to visit a friend from college. I had a great drive up there, with things kinda crazy and up in the air right now it was nice to have some time to think and talk to God about some thing that are happening! Had a nice visit with Mary, got to meet her husband, see her house, and just catch up! We took a walk on this long bridge over this lake - it was great!

Then I headed back that same night and stayed overnight in Chicago. Plan was to wake up, finish my part of a group paper that was due and then head home early afternoon. Well, no such luck since I ended up having to do more on the paper than expected - by the time I was done there was a thunderstorm and heavy traffic, so I stayed one more night in Chicago. Thankfully I still had my other homework with me, so I got some reading in . . . as well as visiting some more with my good friend Jackie!
Finally Friday morning I was headed back to Lowell, Indiana. Originally I was planning on heading down to Indianapolis Friday afternoon to visit with my brother and sister-in-law and then go to a wedding on Saturday. However, once I got home Friday morning I was just too tired to even think about re-packing and getting back in the car and driving some more. Plus the stress of packing and getting all of my homework done was just too much, so I stayed put in Lowell for the weekend getting some work done. Well, at least until Sunday morning when I decided to head back up to Chicago for one last Sunday at my church, Armitage, for awhile. I was so glad I did go up there because I got to have breakfast with a dear friend and spend lunch with some friends. And of course, I got to briefly see many others in the short time that I was there!!!

Now it's Monday night and I finished my Nursing Research Final Exam today which was the last thing that I had to do for that class!!! I thought I would get a higher grade, but no worries because I'll still pass the class =) I also finished up all the reading/weekly assignments for my Nursing Theory class, so the last (and biggest) assignment is the 15 page paper . . . uggggggh, that paper - can't wait till it's done!
I decided to try out my new bike that I won while I was living in Chicago as well. I figured I need some fresh air every now and then in between typing and reading! So, I put air in the tires and tested it out today! The bike isn't fancy or expensive, but it's fun to ride!
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Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Whew! You're wearing me out! Don't get sick--make sure you keep up the biking/exercise and get your rest. Way to know your limits on Saturday! :-D The nurse in me can't resist advice giving. ;-p