Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Thomas Family

Just thinking about and praying for the Thomas Family . . . Jon, Tina, Andrew, Kaleb, Kolby, and princess Sarah. . . wow do I miss them!!! They are serving in a country oh so far away, but right where they need to be!

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July in Guatemala

In July 2006 I spent a whole month in the city of Antigua, Guatemala studying the spanish language. Starting in January - April 2007 I was there again . . . Then in July 2007 I had another chance to return for a short 9 days. What happened in those 9 days? 5 clinics, 5 different villages, 1 orphanage, 3 round trip boat rides on a mezmorizing lake, 850 people given medical care, 115 salvations, saying "take this vitamin once a day" over 500 times in spanish, and a million smiles and thanks. Why do I keep going back??? If photos can speak a thousand words than you will understand by the faces in the photos below. Not a day goes by that my thoughts don't see those faces and remember the laughter of the children. They have captured my heart and I pray that I never have to let go - and that one day soon I will be able to be there again.

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Here are some of my friends from Guatemala that I got to visit with on my trip in July. There are also photos of some of my favorite places and volcanos. Such amazaing memories . . . such amazing people . . . such an amazing country!!!

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