Sunday, August 28, 2016

Just another days work

One thing that I have learned over the past year is that Guatemalans work very, very hard!  They are willing to work long hard days over and over again to earn just a few pennies, but they do it in order to sustain their families.  Of course there are a wide variety of jobs here in Guatemala.  There are the doctors and lawyers and bankers.  But, the majority of people have to be very creative with how the earn money.  Here are just a few examples of the types of jobs that are commonly seen!

Making beautiful fabrics!

And then selling the fabrics and other handicrafts in markets and on the streets!

Agriculture is a huge part of how Guatemalans make a living
Trucks are often seen carrying large amount of foods, flowers, or other things to sell at market!
or people sell just a few things near their homes
roasting corn alongside the street
various staples like beans and rice and herbs sold in the market 
even children have to help out their families by working
cutting up onions for the day 
or cutting up meat
making tortillas - something most Guatemalans think you can't live without!
walking goats around the streets and selling fresh goat milk!
goats here have to learn to cross the street and can even be seen walking up stairs!
bus drivers
garbage truck drivers . . . and people scavenging through the garbage
Pinchazos - they fix tires!
walking the streets selling cotton candy.
or it could be coconuts or juice or car chargers or flowers or various other things!
Guatemalan coffee is wonderful, and it is a huge part of what people do to earn money here!
each bean is hand picked, and then after it is processed, hand sorted and then roasted.