Saturday, October 10, 2015

A day of celebration!!!

I was able to attend a very special celebration in September - it was a day to celebrate the completion and printing of the New Testament being translated into one of the Mayan Indian dialects here in Guatemala.  A Wycliffe translator has been working on this Kaqchikel New Testament for many years, and it was amazing to see the faces of people as  they held in their hands for the first time ever a Bibles in their native language!!!  We went to every home in this town offering them a Bible!  There were hundreds of people celebrating this day and praising the Lord for the completion of this Bible translation!!!  Please pray that the people of this village will read this Bible and will be saved!!!  I could write forever about the amazing things that happened on this day, but hopefully these photos will help sum things up!!!

preparing to hand out Bibles to every home in this town!

receiving a Bible in her heart language!!!
team of translators!

look at the size of those pots!!!
 these ladies worked hard to help prepare lunch for hundreds of people!!!

Trip to San Marcos

Why not go to San Marcos - it's only 6 hours away . . . on non-stop curvy mountain roads that take you up to over 9,000 feet and then drop down to around 7,000 feet.  I arrived in San Marcos after feeling miserable for the last 4 hours of the trip, a close-call emergency stop that allowed me to get out of the car just in time, and my head spinning for the rest of the day after getting out of the car.
However, it was worth it, I was really thankful to have a few days there in San Marcos, and the ride home was much better thanks to extra medications and ginger!!!
My teammates were training a group of 16 women how to make and use puppets.  I went along to help in whatever way I could, and I learned how to sew together the puppets ahead of time so that I could help the women through that process!
The women were teachers in a center for Compassion (the organizations that helps sponsor children) where over 250 children spend 8 hours a week!!!
We were hosted by a wonderful family who took great care of us and was really fun to get to know!  One of their daughters is currently studying at the Bible school across the street from my apartment, so I look forward to seeing her from time to time here in the city!
I enjoyed spending some time in fresh air and in a small town where everybody knows each other!  We went on a few morning walks through the mountains which were amazing, and we were able to go to a hot springs.  The hot springs were in a valley - way, way down into the mountains somewhere.  Probably one of the top 5 most beautiful places I've been considering the steep drop offs we were seeing as we drove down the mountain, however, the fog and clouds were covering most of our view, so sadly, I really couldn't see the beauty that was surrounding me.
Here are some photos from that trip:

morning hikes

attempting to make tortillas - mine were just never quite right!
sharing meals
finished products - the puppets!!!

children at the Compassion Center
hot springs - so wonderful!!!