Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Nottingham Girls Reunion

So, many of you know of the Nottingham Girls - you might have even had a Christmas photo of us on your fridge the last couple years! Well, we've all moved out of that great house on Nottingham Ave., but of course our friendships continue on! The other night it was practically a miracle that we could all get together for a brief time to reconnect during this time of change and transition for all of us! Ya, these girls have been such a huge blessing in my life and I am so thankful for each of them!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the house with the red door

Well, here is my new apartment . . . and yes, it's often referred to as the house with the red door - and you can see why from the below photo =) It's such a great Chicago apartment!!! It's so crazy to look out windows and see the neighbors houses just a few feet away, to look out the back door into an alley and have to always wonder if i'll have a parking space. But the apartment is great - wood floors and beautiful woodwork, a fireplace, stainglass, large windows, a pretty street with lots of trees, a great deck over the garage . . .and a newly painted room!!! Most of all I'm thankful for my 2 new roommates - they are so great! Don't have a photo with them yet . . . I'll have to get one soon!

This is a photos to show the door that I spent hours upon hours taking the paint off of . . .can you tell which one? of course, the one on the left that still looks unfinished =) i wish that i had a before and after photo - it looks sooooooo much better than it did before!

A photo of the living room. What a fun place! Brick-exposed walls just add such a fun feeling . . . now if i can just get all my boxes unpacked that are in the living room it will look so much better!

Well, that's a glimpse into my new place. It's been a blessing to be living here!
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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Transitions . . .

So, I moved my stuff up to Chicago and into my new apartment on Thurs. I thought I was getting settled and was happy with the progress. Then, I realized how much I hated the color of my bedroom. I don't get it because this apartment is beautiful with great painting throughout the entire place . . .except my room. So, Friday I undo all the unpacking I had done the day before and get things ready to paint. That's when I realized that the beautiful wooden door and very antique door knob was painted over in this hideous color. Ya, that's when I got the horrible idea of stripping off the paint from this door. I thought it would be a quick, easy task. well, it wasn't, but i had to persevere once i got started because I only had 2 days to get this all done - so, 1 day for removing paint, the next for painting the walls. After many long hours I finally finished and still had a day to do the unpacking once again. Although, it's still not completed I got enough done to feel ready to start work on Monday. Well, kinda ready considering that I was completely exhausted!!!
So, that was my transition into the new apartment.
Now for the transition to this new clinic job.
How can I describe this job in one word? . . . OVERWHELMING =)
But it's that just how all new jobs go. You have to learn everything about their system, learn other peoples roles and everything! For me this is a double challenge because I'm learning a lot about prenatal care - and don't know much about this area of nursing. And any Spanish that I thought I knew seems totally inadequate to begin teaching prenatal care to the Spanish speaking patients. But the staff is great, of course they are the best in my department =) But throughout the whole clinic everybody has been wonderful to meet!
As far as I'm concerned I can do without any more big transitions for quite some time!!!