Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Transitions . . .

So, I moved my stuff up to Chicago and into my new apartment on Thurs. I thought I was getting settled and was happy with the progress. Then, I realized how much I hated the color of my bedroom. I don't get it because this apartment is beautiful with great painting throughout the entire place . . .except my room. So, Friday I undo all the unpacking I had done the day before and get things ready to paint. That's when I realized that the beautiful wooden door and very antique door knob was painted over in this hideous color. Ya, that's when I got the horrible idea of stripping off the paint from this door. I thought it would be a quick, easy task. well, it wasn't, but i had to persevere once i got started because I only had 2 days to get this all done - so, 1 day for removing paint, the next for painting the walls. After many long hours I finally finished and still had a day to do the unpacking once again. Although, it's still not completed I got enough done to feel ready to start work on Monday. Well, kinda ready considering that I was completely exhausted!!!
So, that was my transition into the new apartment.
Now for the transition to this new clinic job.
How can I describe this job in one word? . . . OVERWHELMING =)
But it's that just how all new jobs go. You have to learn everything about their system, learn other peoples roles and everything! For me this is a double challenge because I'm learning a lot about prenatal care - and don't know much about this area of nursing. And any Spanish that I thought I knew seems totally inadequate to begin teaching prenatal care to the Spanish speaking patients. But the staff is great, of course they are the best in my department =) But throughout the whole clinic everybody has been wonderful to meet!
As far as I'm concerned I can do without any more big transitions for quite some time!!!

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