Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 2009

So, I'm feeling very behind in blogging . . . so much is happening, it's just hard to find the time to write about it all!!! Maybe a monthly blog update seems pretty reasonable??? I enjoyed a nice Christmas break from classes, and although I was still working at the hospital I had a great schedule over the holidays thanks to being on orientation. My mom was able to spend some time in Indianapolis and was an amazing help to me as I unpacked and settled in to my new apartment. I had the last minute opportunity to get up to Chicago for a visit just after New Years. My friend was having a baby shower which I was able to go to. I also got into town on Friday and spent some time at Pacific Garden Mission where I use to work - what a wonderful blessing it was to reconnect with former friends and co-workers!!! I was also able to see a few other friends, have dinner with my old housemates, visit my spanish church (which I miss so so so much!!!), and have lunch with some friends. I couldn't believe how many people I was able to visit with - it was definitely a huge encouragement!!!
Classes have started back up and I was feeling behind the first week of classes and still not sure i'm feeling as though it will be possible to catch up. Especially if I keep procrastinating by blogging =) I decided to accept another teaching assistant position which should only be about a 4 hour a week commitment, but I have a feeling it could easily be more! Work at the hospital is going well, I'm feeling more comfortable in my new position and am in an off orientation phase before going back onto orientation in March. There have been lots of classes and trainings as I'm new to this hospital, and some of my certifications had expired.
Here is a photos on Mass Ave., which is a fun street a about 2 blocks from me, looking toward downtown:

Here is my street under a foot of snow during the recent snow storm:

until next month . . . maybe =)!!!