Tuesday, June 30, 2015

being known in the unknown

I was so thankful for my time in Guatemala in June!  
There were many reasons why, but the biggest ones were that I felt known, or more known than on recent trips!  

How???  Well, after going to language school and living in Guatemala for a few months, I would occasionally run into people that I knew at random places.  I felt known, and it was home! 
After being gone for a bit, that changes, I am no longer known there. 

But this last trip was different.  I was there with friends from the US, they now know me here and there!!!  Holly and I attended nursing school together, although hardly knew one another.  After graduation we both moved to Chicago and started working at the same pediatric hospital, so we decided to be housemates!  Even though she got married a year after that, we remained friends!  She then moved to Indianapolis a few years later, and I follower her there =)  We have remained friends, I have been thankful to be included as part of their family over the years, and to have her children be able to say my last name perfectly at a record young age!!!  

I was amazed and thankful as we served together in Guatemala and walked the streets together to the Potter's House, only getting slightly lost =)  And, to know that they now love the Guatemalan people and know where I will be living and serving was an incredible gift!!! 

I also felt a little more known at the Potter's House.  I've only been there on more "official" business, for example, tours, talking with the staff about potential opportunities.  I've gotten to know a few people along the way, but I have spent little time there.  This time, I was able to call and talk with them, and they remembered me!  I was able to walk through the building and be greeted by familiar faces! 

And then, as I was in a different city, I ran into a couple different people that I know, both American and Guatemalan.  

So while this is a difficult season of uprooting and goodbyes and fears of being completely unknown as I move to Guatemala, I was beautifully reminded mostly, that I don't go alone, and also that I am known, even there in the unknown!!!
Overlooking Guatemala City with Holly and Aiden
Holly, Aiden, and I near the Potter's House
At my new apartment with Holly, Aiden, and Henry
Getting lots of hugs while serving at a school
Henry and Patty (Holly's parents) working hard!!!
Holly and I and another nurse taking care of the children!

A new group of friends from the US and Guatemala!