Sunday, October 5, 2008

more fun fall festivals

There were a few other festivals here in Indianapolis that I got to enjoy. Fiesta Indianapolis celebrated the hispanic culture. I only saw one sign of Guatemala which was somebody wearing a soccer jersey from Guatemala. We had some good food and listened to some music - it was a good time!

The other one was the Irish Fest. Chicago hosts the Celtic Fest which is a free event, here in Indy it costs $13 to go to the Irish Fest. Not so sure it's worth the cost, plus I had my weekend course during the weekend of the festival which means I only had a couple hours here and there anyway. So, I waited until Sunday afternoon close to time for the festival to close up and got to go in for free. Some stuff was closing up, but there was still some booths and music. So, I was satisfied just to get in for free =)

Not sure if there are any other fall festivals coming up, but if you know of any and want to go let me know!!! Or, any fall hikes or drives to see the changing leaves would be great as well!

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Fiest of the Hunters Moon

Fiest of the Hunter's Moon is a festival in Lafayette, IN that everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime!!! Way back when it became a annual tradition for my family to go with another family - at the time our parents would volunteer and we would get dressed up in costume and camp out for the weekend. Since then it's become a time for my mom's friend to sell some of her crafts and so my mom continues to go with them to help.
Here is mom:

I've missed quite a few years since going off to college, but in the last couple years I've been able to go here and there. This was one of those years since I'm living only about 1 hour from there. The smell of woodburning fires are everywhere, people in costume, music drifting through the air, soldiers marching around, men in kilts, and so much more!
Here is a morning flag raising ceremony:
And one of the bands:

I arrived Sat. evening as it was closing up for the tourists. Since my mom's friends have a booth they are considered to be part of what we will call "fiesters". These are people that are registered to do something for the weekend - sell things like crafts or food, or do some kind of performance or things like that. Some of the "fiesters" are on site and everything they have must be time period appropriate. Some people really get into character and stay in it for the entire weekend (maybe their entire lives???)! But my mom and her friends are not that dedicated - so they have the motor home and set up camp in the parking lot! So, as the visitors are leaving the "fiesters" are closing up their booths and begin to cook their dinner.
Here is the fire we cooked our dinner over. We had cheeseburgers, sausages, cheesy potatoes and lots of other snack and munchies - most of the food credit goes to Ginger and Curtis!

Then as the sun goes down the music begins and there is a dance for all the "fiesters". I'm not sure what it's called - but it would be from the 1700's i'm assuming! Something like square-dancing, but different. Not everybody stays in costume, but lots of people do, so it's very fun and feels like you've stepped back in time! I took a video clip of the dancing and music on my camera, but it was taking to long to load onto the blog!

So, let me know if you are ever interested in going, it will happen again next year!!!!!!!!!!!!

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