Sunday, December 9, 2012

Preparing to drive away from the mountain

Six months ago I arrived in Lome, the capital city of Togo.  After an overnight stay, our group drove 2 hours on a paved road until just past the town of Kpalime, then another hour on the road with such largee potholes that you just end up swerving from one side of the road to the other to try and avoid as many as possible!  Once we arrived in the village of Adeta, we turn left and drive about 10 minutes until we pass through the even smaller village of Tsiko and another 5 minutes brought us to the entrance of Hopital Baptist Biblique sitting just at the base of the mountain. 

I worked with the Cedarville University Nursing group for the first month that I was here, and then they left, and I started working with the Togolese nursing students.  I’ve been able to spend time with the Community Health group going to different villages, and getting to know patients and families staying here for long periods of time.  There are many different roles and responsibilities here that keep me busy, but I still often find myself asking, why am I here??? 

I enjoy walking out the hospital gate and heading up that mountain.  It’s great for exercise and provides a great view of the surrounding valley and mountains.  Walks up the mountain have been times of getting to know others serving here, times to pray, times to cry over patients at the hospital, and times to think – and often the questions are, what is God doing here, what am I doing here, and how can God use me here????


I’m not sure I will ever know the answers.  God asks me to be obedient, to show His glory, and to love others.  Why am I here at this time and in this situation?  As I start to think about wrapping up my time here, I do pray that God can use my meager attempts to serve Him to have an eternal impact in lives.  It seems like there have been almost daily lessons here and reminders that I have to keep my focus on the Lord and that He is my source of strength from moment to moment!!!

In just a few days I will leave this place that I have come to know and love.  Instead of going up the mountain, we will drive away from the mountain and go past smiling faces, small mud hut communities,food being cooked over fires, road side stands, palm trees, hardworking farmers in their fields, ladies carrying something on their head and babies on their backs and off to the airport. 



What a change this will all be.  It's hard to know how to prepare for all the changes that will take place.  It's hard to say goodbyes to people here.  It's hard to think about leaving behind warm sunny days and head into the cold.  But beyond my surroundings, I pray that the biggest change has been in the hearts and lives of people that I’ve met here, and that my heart would have a deeper joy and dependence on the Lord in all things and in all circumstances!!!    


Thank you for all who have prayed with and for me and the people of Togo during my time here!  Thank you for each penny that you have donated to help me spend the time here and meet some small financial needs of people here in Togo!  What a privilege to be entrusted with God’s resources!

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