Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Aug - Oct. update

Supervising Nursing Students
The nursing students continue to work hard through their classes and clinical time in the hospital.  They face many daily challenges and often request prayer that they would not become discouraged.  I recently talked about them on my blog and added a few photos!  Please pray that I would know how to encourage the students to continue striving for excellence!!!  Please pray for me to have wisdom and patience while communicating with the students through an interpreter!!!

The Cuisine

I was so thankful for the time I was able to spend getting to know Angel while shestayed at The Cuisine.  God has given her a gift of teaching and she would read the Bible to groups of 8-15 people in their native language!!! As many people started requesting their own Bible, I asked them to first memorize 6 verses.  For many, this was easy, but others worked very hard at it!!!  So far, 12 people have memorized the verses and have received their own Bible!!!  Angele has gone back to her village, but there is a new group of women that I’ve been able to spend time with.  
Please pray forAngele to be a strong follower of Jesus who is a light in her own home and village!!!  Please pray that I would have wisdom in this ministry in The Cuisine and for Rashida who I have been able to spend time with and who has even come to church with me!!!   
God’s healing hand

Jacque is a 12 year old that came to the hospital in May with severe health problems.  As we prayed, we often did not know if he would live through the night or what the outcome would be.  Slowly Jacque started improving and was well enough to leave the hospital, but he and his mother stayed close by in The Cuisine for frequent follow up visits.  Due to some complications, Jacque was very stoic and disinterested in everything.  Little by little as his health improved, he started coming to listen to the Bible stories, and would even tell me what they were about the next day.  Over the next couple weeks, he slowly started to smile more and become more interactive.  By the end of August, he was kicking around a soccer ball, smiling, laughing, and teasing me.  I am still amazed that God chose to heal his body!!!  Please pray for Jacque’s continued healing and that God would use these very difficult past few months in an amazing way in this family’s life!!!

Fatima had tetanus, thankfully after a couple weeks she made a complete recovery and was such a sweet little girl!!

Bernadette was prayed for by many of you as she had a brain tumor removed. She still needs prayers, but we are praising God for each day that He gives her!!!


Financial Update

I have been so grateful and amazed by the financial donations that have been given towards this time of ministry here in Togo.  I am humbled to be the steward of such generosity!  My church has continued providing money every month despite a deficit in my account.  I still have an additional $4000.00 of support needs to cover the trip to Chad and my last couple months in Togo.  My church will continue accepting donations toward my trip if you feel that God would still have you financially partner with me in this ministry.  Please pray for me to be a wise steward of all God’s provisions!!!

Donation Info

Checks should be made out to College Park Church, but do NOT write my name on the memo line; Send to:

College Park Church, Attn: Global Outreach, 2606 W. 96th St., Indianapolis, IN, 46268; please include a note that the funds are for Amie Bockstahler.  They will provide tax-deductible receipts at the end of the year.
·         Relationships: with other missionaries, the nursing students, hospital employees, and patients and their families
·         Strength and contentment: that I would rest in the Lord and be available to do whatever He asks  me to do
·         Finishing well : during these last couple weeks
 ·        The Hospital: for the hospital staff and for the patients seeking medical
·         The opportunity to build into the lives of the nursing students and seeing God at work in their lives
·         Seeing God’s faithfulness in my life and in the lives of patients and families
·         My trip to Chad and no problems traveling
·         Improved internet connection which has allowed for some encouraging video calls with family and friends
      I wish that I had a good answer for this question.  Truth is, I don’t!!!  There is the possibility ofextending my leave of absence from work and exploring a few additional fields and missions organizations.  This would mean I would need a whole lot of prayer and another 4 months of financial support.  Otherwise, I’ll be going back to work at Riley until God directs me elsewhere.  I long to have a heart that trusts the Lord no matter what – even if He asks me to step into the unknown for a bit and completely trust HIM!!!  I will keep you updated!!!    
I’m always challenged byJeremiah 17: 5-8 and the reminder that I need to be daily trusting the Lord and only by doing that can I remain fruitful, whether in the midst of abundance or in the midst of a drought.

Thank you for your prayers!!
Please let me know how I can be praying for you!!!

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