Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

I had plans to visit my good friend from Guatemala who is visiting Warsaw, IN with her daughter on Sat. of Memorial Day weekend. Before I left that morning I decided that since I didn't have to go to work until the following Wed. that I would continue on to visit some friends in Chicago as well. Below is my friend Anel and her beautiful daugher Annika. We had fun at McDonalds so that we could chat while Annika played on the indoor playground.
I love how she was laughing hysterically like in the above photo, until we went to take the below photo and she wouldn't even look at the camera let alone smile!

Then I went to Lowell to spend the night at my mom's house before heading up to Chicago Sunday morning. I was able to go to Armitage en Espanol - it was so great to see my chicago church family and be welcomed back with open arms by the spanish congregation. I even got to meet a couple who are still missionaries in Guatemala after 59 years . . . they are well into their 80's and continue to minister there. What a testimony! Sunday was a rushed day as I got in a quick visit to the old apartment and got to see one of my housemates that still lives there. Then off to lunch with another friend. And then, probably the whole reason I needed to get to Chicago to visit: to see Jeanette and her baby Shayne!!! They are below - he is such a beautiful little angel!!! I was so excited to finally see her again and meet her baby! As we were walking in the park we had fun running into a former co-worker from Children's who was 40+ weeks pregnant and trying to walk the baby out =) It was nice to catch up with her unexpectedly (and thankfully she has since had the baby)!!!

After my visit with Jeanette I was able to see Jackie - another former housemate from the Nottingham house. Monday morning was spent playing with her niece and nephew and then going to brunch with some of her family. Then back to Lowell to see mom before having to get back to Indy for work on Wed.

It was a fun spontaneous trip, although I never get to see everybody that I want in such a quick visit to Chicago. There were so many good friends that I would have loved to see, but time just didn't allow!

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