Sunday, May 31, 2009

All in a Sunday

This morning I got off work around 3am, came home, and went to bed. I woke up to my alarm getting me up in time to make it to my church's spanish service which doesn't meet until 12:15pm, since I knew I wouldn't make it to any of the earlier services. I was rushing but ready to get out the door on time, so I grabbed my purse and Bible and rushed out the door. Before closing the door I always turn the lock on the door handle and then close the door and once outside I lock the deadbolt. Except today when I went to lock the deadbolt, NO keys in my purse!!! ooooops - they were still inside. Thankfully my sister-in-law has a key to my apartment and was able to come to the rescue and get me back into my apartment! While I was waiting I was able to re-pot some of the plants in my garden. I currently have green beans, cucumber, zucchini, spaghetti squash, basil, mint, and possibly cilantro growing. They are all in pots so I'm not sure what will grow and what will not, but i'm hoping that I get lots of use out of the plants!!! All were started from seeds except for the basil and mint!

Anyway, after cleaning up the house some and working on a project for school I decided to go for a jog/walk down by the Indy canal. It was beautiful outside, a bit crowded on the canal but not too bad. Then I saw the most precious little family of ducks swimming around, the little ducklings were tiny and so cute to watch. I rounded the curve of the canal and down a little ways was one lonely little duckling just kinda sitting scared stiff in the water all alone. I was so worried for the little duck. Paddle boats were going by it and it just hardly moved because it looked so scared and was so tiny in comparison! I couldn't leave without making sure that the little duckling got reunited with it's family, but how because the mama duck couldn't see the duckling and the duckling couldn't see the mama duck. So, I walked back down around the curve to see what the mama duck and other babies were doing. After a few minutes they started to swim back in the direction of the lost little ducking. I was so excited I just kinda walked slowly with them making sure they made it back far enough to be reunited. After about another 15 min. or so the baby duck was finally reunited with it's mother and siblings. Whew - that was a stressful exercise, but all turned out ok in the end!!!

The day ended good as it looks like we are close to finishing up our project for school. Actually, myself and another classmate are putting together a professional poster to represent a project we completed last fall and will display it at a poster session during a conference for public health educators. The conference will be in Chicago at a hotel in Greek town and I can't wait to go!!!

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Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Wow! 2 posts! Sounds like you're doing well & keeping busy as usual. :)