Thursday, March 12, 2009

Indianapolis Fire

Last night, well this morning, I got off work around 3:30am and started heading home as usual. I didn't get far from the hospital and realized that something was wrong up ahead - an orange glow and some smoke and glowing particles drifting from the glow and what looked like spraying water. I continued on my way home, but trying to get a better look at what was actually burning. Within seconds flames were shooting up into the air above the surrounding 3-4 story buildings with huge thick black smoke billowing from the blaze. It must have started around 3AM or a bit earlier - emergency vehicles were already on the scene and more arriving by the second. I was having a hard time differentiating where the fire was at due to the density of structures in the area surrounding the fire. All I could tell was that it was huge!!! I called back to work to see if they had gotten any notice for a disaster response . . . if the fire was in one of the 4-5 large apartment/condo buildings then the hospital would need extra help and being only a couple blocks away I could have gone back in . . . but they had not heard about anything at that point. As I was driving about 2-3 blocks away there were smoldering pieces of debris falling on the road. Here are the photos that I tried to take with my phone - they aren't very good, but give you an idea of the enormity of the fire!

Reports are that nobody was hurt, the fire was in a new construction site and they were able to keep it contained to only that site. That I must say is the amazing work done my the fire men and women who were working through the night, after more than 9 hours they were able to get the fire down and just dealing with the remaining hot spots and smoldering areas!!!

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