Tuesday, March 10, 2009

missing guatemala

today is just one of those days that i'm really missing guatemala. i don't understand it and i don't know why - all i know is that i was brought to tears last night thinking about those precious faces, and wondering what i can even do to make a difference . . . the difference and the hope they are looking for is only found in Jesus! anything that i have to offer can't even begin to touch the deep needs that are in their hearts and that they face on a daily basis. and isn't it so american to even think that they have something that needs to be fixed? sometimes going back there seems so far away, and then i see a photo or a memory flashes into my mind and i feel like i'm just away from home for a little while, waiting to go back. i don't know what it all means, but today, as much as i'm missing guatemala, i have a peace that i'm right where i'm suppose to be.
on a lighter note, i ran out of my guatemalan coffee =( horrible, i know! thankfully i have a contact who is currently in guate and will be bringing me back some of the good stuff soon! but, until then i have to survive on something - so i decided that i would buy "Casi Ciello" which is a guatemalan coffee that starbucks sells. i've never had it, but have always wanted to try it. normally i wouldn't spend that much on coffee, but i had a gift card and it would cover basically the whole amount, so i thought it would be ok. problem - i went to 3 different starbucks and they were out of it, apparently it's seasonal and they won't be getting anymore, i called around to about 3 or 4 more stores and gave up when they all said they were out as well. still needed more coffee though . . . so i went ahead and walked down to the starbucks and used my giftcard to buy the regular coffee from antigua, guatemala =) i can't wait until tom. morning when i get to see if it's any good!!! i was so happy on my walk back to my house, funny how such a little thing can make me so happy!!!


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

I love your heart!! So glad you got yourself some coffee. :-p

The Abrahams said...

Sounds like things are going well with you. Do you miss LCHC much? I'm sure you are too busy with school, work, internship details and such to miss it too much. We are in the middle of a 5 month stay in India to visit family and then will we trying to figure out the missions thing with Global. If you are interested (and have the time) check out our blog at http://abrahamadventures.blogspot.com. take care
Sandy Abraham

Sarah said...

Oh my friend... I completely understand your feelings. I had a longing for Honduras last week... and it kind of just snuck up on me. Please call if you want to "talk Central America".

Fun note... I think that I may get to see you soon!! I think I get to deliver cafe to you with Miss Trina! :-)

I'm SO looking forward to it!!

Thanks for sharing your heart, Amie!

Holly said...

Yes, I see how you can be missing Gueatemala! Take it as confirmation of things God has in store for you . . .

And the coffee . . . come by my house! I'm still enjoying the bag you gave me and would be happy to share! I do love it, though . . . so you'll have to help me get some more . . . :)