Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Lowell Labor Day Parade

The town of Lowell, where my mom lives and where I grew up, celebrates Labor day with Fireworks and a Parade. My mom lives only 2 houses down from the main Parade route, so we had coffee and snacks for those who wanted them before, during, and/or after the parade!
Chairs started being put out along the street days before the parade - however our section is kinda reserved because it's in front of the neighbor's house, so we didn't need to put our chairs out until the night before =)
The parade starts out with the firetrucks . . .

Followed by the men and women who serve(d) our country:

And no Lowell Labor Day Parade would be complete with out the guys in these little cars:

Or the Mi Ranchito contribution of beautifully dressed Mexicans, dancing horses, and a man standing on the horse while doing tricks with his lasso

And can't forget the tractor . . .

Fun times in Lowell =) If you want to experience this tradition next year let me know - there's always plenty of room!!!