Tuesday, September 16, 2008

decisions . . .

There are certain times in life when decisions are made without much thought, the answers are obvious. Then there are other times when a decision is much more complicated and hard to figure out . . . and right now is one of those times for me!
I've been so blessed to have some time to settle into life here in Indianapolis without having to make spur of the moment decisions. But there comes a point when eventually I have to decide where I will work and where I will live and how long I will study for. All of these decisions seems like they will have such long lasting consequences that it seems to paralyze me and I just can't make any decisions at all. For example, apartments - what kind to get? where to live? high-rise or house? how much to pay? etc. . . .yikes, i don't know!
so, i just keep looking and looking and not wanting to pay any of the prices =(
i do interview with a couple hospitals this week, so then i will need to make some decisions about the job . . . to take one of them or hold out for more interviews?
then I talked with a professor who mentioned that maybe I should study a whole different master's program altogether . . . what??? (and it's one that isn't offered at IUPUI).
just trying to figure out how to make these decisions while waiting and trusting in the Lord's perfect timing. I know that it will all fall into place . . . just not sure how or when =)
guess it doesn't help that my mind and heart often wander to Guatemala . . . or I compare everything to Chicago because I miss the city and my friends!
i think that there is a cleansing factor in giving up the comfortable and the familiar . . . but it's a process of adjustment that isn't always fun or easy. just means that life takes on a new perspective and ultimately the decision is mine on how I will deal with the changes and what i choose to do with everything God has given to me!

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Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Sometimes I find when I just can't decide, it's because God had something else in mind. Other times, I am supposed to step out in faith. I'll pray you know the difference right now!