Monday, August 11, 2008


I'm finally getting a chance to post some photos:

This picture was taken the first weekend I arrived. I'm in Antigua with my friend Anel and her daughter Anika - her husband and brother are with as well, just not in the photo!!!

This picture was taen with some of the patiens waiting in the pharmacy for their meds. This was during week 2 when we were in Chimaltenango.

This is my host family: Marko and Alejandra, their children Juan Pablo (JuanPa) and Lucy, and the children's great grandma YaYa.

This was taken at Lucy's party: Las Princessas!!!

This is also from Lucy's party: she got to take the first swings at the pinata!

And I got my few swings in as well - it was actually quite fun =)!!!

There are lots of other photos to be shown - but those will have to wait for another time!!!


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Yeah picutres! It's so fun to be able to SEE what you've been up to!

jeannie said...

amie! I miss antigua too. didn't know you blogged so frequently. Great pics! Hope you have a great flight!