Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Clinics and other ministries

Here is a look at some of what was happening around the clinics. There was more than just medical stuff going on - there were ministries for children, youth and adults as well as painting. When we were running medical clinics we had 2-3 doctors seeing patients, 3 dentists, help finding the correct prescription eyeglasses, and a pharmacy to hand out medications. In the clinic the first week I was able to check patients in by getting their main complaints. The second week I worked more in the pharmacy.

This first set of photos is from the clinic in Palencia - about 45 min. drive from the city where I was living.

This very colorful wall was painted by the team

The kids in a "VBS" type program

Craft time with the women - they loved it!!!

"Doctor's offices" and pharmacy

This next set of photos from Chimaltenango during my second week- about another 45 min. drive from the city in a different direction as the other clinic!

The is my friend Chris who is a missionary in Chimaltenango, so I spent some time with her . . . and tried some natural healing techniques for her finger - well as natural as duct tape can be =)



Team members and building used for clinics


Hope this gives you a glimpse of what was happening during my time in Guatemala!

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