Thursday, June 19, 2008

Homework by candle light!!!

So, lately pretty much i've been doing homework in almost every spare moment. Last week was great as I got to spend some time with family and help mom pack and get her off to Africa. But, I was so behind on homework by the time I dropped her off saturday at the airport that I had to make up for lost time. Then, of course Sunday was my birthday - 30 years old, can you believe it? Well, it was a great day(more photos to come), but needless to say I didn't get much homework done! Then Monday I had to work, and Tuesday assignments, group project, reading, and work on research paper still needed to be done and were due that day. I ended up getting permission to finish up one project the next day. So I was working hard all day to get everything done, still one more posting to get online before the 11pm deadline, and would you believe that around 9:30p the lights go off. No storm, just off goes the electricity. So, I figured if it was because of an accident or some other rare cause and it would take awhile to come back on. I make my rounds through the house lighting candles, and normally would love the excuse to go to bed early, but not that night! I still had to finish reading some articles and summarize them. So, I continue reading by candle light until the lights came back on around 11pm or 12am, I don't remember. My assignment was a few hours late since I couldn't get online without electricity, but the professor had mercy and there was no penalty =) So, with tuesdays due date past I have a whole new set of deadlines for this next tuesday . . . and much work to be done on the group project, and well, the 15 page research paper - let's just say I better get started soon!!!

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