Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Update on Guatemala . . .

This is a photo of Guatemala City, Guatemala - the capital of Guatemala. Can you believe that in just 3 weeks or so I'll be heading back to this beautiful country? It's been a year now since I was last there - and what a year it has been!!! As I think back over this past year I'm not sure how God pulled me through each day and how I could be so blessed to be at the point that I'm currently at. It's been a year of change (which isnt' stopping anytime soon!), growth, and lots and lots of homework!!!
The hugest answer to prayer came the other day when I heard from the mission board that all the money that I needed for the cost of the trip had been donated . . . wow, that was an overwhelming blessing to have been supported financially by dear friends and family!
Another exciting thing that happened was the chance to present my trip to the Hispanic Congregation at my church. I've been going to the spanish services this past year and on and off for the year or so before that. I was so nervous about the presentation since I had to do it in spanish, but it went better that I expected - and people said that they could understood me! I met some more Guatemalans - and they were so excited to see photos of their country!
I don't let myself stop to think too much about Guatemala these days because it's hard to stop thinking about it once I start!!! I'm excited for the things that God has in store for me during my time there this summer. It will be completely different than any other time that I've ever been in Guatemala. I still don't know a lot of details . . . I do know that I'll be doing medical work and staying with a host family. I will be spending more time in the capital city which will be good because I think it's time that I get to know new places in Guatemala!
However, before I leave I have to finish up my two summer classes which means continued weekly readings and assignments along with finishing up a group project and paper for one class as well as a 15 page paper for the other class. Along with that I'm working a couple more days between now and the time I leave. I have to pack, go to the dentist, and get things prepared for fall classes which will start 4 days after I return in August. I will also be working on saying good-byes - I will stop by Pacific Garden Mission to see my past
co-workers again as well as make a very quick trip to Wisconsin to visit a college friend I haven't seen in years. There are a few things that I would like to do around Chicago before I leave, but it's looking like i'm running out of time, guess I'll just have to save those things for when I come back to visit!!!
There is a wedding around Indianapolis the weekend before I leave so I'll probably go to that since I would like to stop by the campus because it could potentially save me lots of money to check into used books (one class alone is requiring 9 books) that are available on campus instead of buying all brand new ones.
I've had a hard time making commitment and decisions these last few weeks (months?), maybe this helps you understand why. I feel like there are so many things swimming around in my head and finally in these last few days I'm starting to feel like things are getting planned and finalized.
I've been working so hard on my class work, but now that it's getting close to the trip I'm finding it harder and harder to keep focused!
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