Sunday, May 18, 2008

Indianapolis and My favorite Guatemalan bebé!!!

I had a chance to go down to Indianapolis a couple weekends ago to talk with the professor helping me get organized and ready to start my Community Health Nursing Masters Program. It was great to talk with her and get some more details about the program and know what I need to start doing now to prepare for classes this fall. On the other hand it was bitter sweet thinking about moving down there because that means I'll be moving out of Chicago. I know it's time, but I will miss my dear friends that are hear and it will be hard to say goodbye! I also realize how bad I am at saying goodbyes, so I need to start preparing now so that I can get a chance to see everybody at least one more time before I leave!!! Thankfully Indianapolis isn't so far away and my mom lives fairly close to Chicago, so I'm sure that I'll back . . .it just won't be the same. While it seems like there are a million and one details to figure out between now and August things seem to be falling into place one by one, so it's fun to see little things coming together!

Besides meeting with the professor I got to spend time with my brother and sister-in-law and two dear friends that live there. It will be fun to live in the same city as family . . . although not sure if my brother is thinking the same thing =)

My one friend Maranatha and her husband Travis have recently brought home their new adopted baby from Guatemala! He has to be the most handsome Guatemalan bebé I have ever seen!!! (seen in photo)
I also got to go to the zoo with my friend Holly and her two boys. It's fun to know that they all will be down there when I move and that I'll be able to see then more often.

So, ready or not . . . Indianapolis, here I come!!!

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