Sunday, April 20, 2008


to me, this is a peaceful scene. the water, the beautiful fall colors, some rollling hills (even though in indiana) . . . it's like automatic feelings of peace come over me when i'm in places like this.

but the most amazing thing is that i don't have to be in a particular situation or setting to be at peace, because the Prince of Peace is my God and Saviour, and He is the only one who can bring perfect peace! so if i choose to trust Him and let Him be in control then i can be at peace even though in the midst of . . .

looking towards the city from the clinic where i work

. . . a view of the city from the hancock building

living in Chicago where just driving to work every day brings new challenges wondering if people are going to run one of the 30-some stop lights or stops signs I go through twice a day, wondering if i'll hit a pedestrian that darts out in front of my car, or be hit by a car trying to turn out onto the street and then working in a crazy busy clinic where the work never seems to get done and the needs and challenges that our patients face are greater than I can ever even imagine. Then add in grad school, preparing for a missions trip, making decisions about a move out of Chicago, new job, new living situation, thinking about goodbyes to good friends, packing . . . all these things swirl around in my head constantly. I wonder if I'm doing the right thing and making the right decisions. Once I've made a decision I wonder if I made the right one or if I should go back and change something (which I've done occasionally!). But I sit here and wonder if I've really let God be the one to give me peace. Life will always be busy and hectic, situations and circumstances will change, but the craziness will never go away . . . the only thing that will never change is my need to follow Jesus step by step trusting Him completely along the way and allowing His Peace to permeate everything that I do.
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Anonymous said...

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Stacie said...

Praying for you and all your decisions.