Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Recent craziness!

For some reason life has recently become very overwhelming and difficult to figure out. However, amongst the difficulties I've seen God do the most amazing things! It took me forever and ever to find an apartment that I liked, but after much waiting I've found a great one and will move in sometime in Dec.!!! Over a week ago I found out that my identity was stolen and they were able to gain access to my bank accounts, they stole thousands before I realized it and was able to freeze the accounts. The bank is in the midst of an investigation, so currently everything in my accounts is still frozen. After the investigation I'll know whether or not all the money will be refunded. The bigger problem however is the lack of security that I feel. So much is at risk when somebody has your identity, so I've been trying to sort through how to deal with that and put up safeguards so that more things don't happen. I've also started working at Riley Children's Hospital in the Emergency Department. I've mostly had orientation classes and one day in the hospital. Classes at the University continue to go well, although I've recently been having trouble keeping up with all of the assignments. My TA position at the University has been great and I just found out last week that I actually have health insurance because of working there. Thankfully they refunded me for the student health insurance I signed up for at the begining of the semester because of the insurance they provided me with. Add to all this the car problems I mentioned in the previous post and I've been a little (a lot) stressed. Trying not to be, but I have been! Right now it's just a matter of trying to take things one day at a time and praying that I can honor God through each and every day!

Here is a photos of downtown Indianapolis . . .

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Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Wow! Hang in there! We'll be praying for you! That's tough stuff.