Tuesday, November 4, 2008

modes of transportation

A couple weeks ago my car began leaking anti-freeze . . . not good! I took it to the shop and it's a costly repair, so I decided to wait to get it fixed to see if I could find a better used car. In the mean time I've had to depend on other forms of transportation - mostly the city bus. Thankfully I have a student bus pass, so all my rides on the city bus have been free. Other ways I've found to get around - walking, bike, train, taxi, and begging for rides with my brother or sister-in-law . . .or any combination of them! I can't complain too much because i'm so thankful that I had other ways to get around without my car . . . but if you miss a bus there usually isn't another one coming for a long time and you usually can't catch up to the bus by running after it (i've tried!) =( , and some bus stops are not so great to wait at, especially in the dark! I finally decided that being carless just wasn't for me and will be getting my car fixed this week! However, I hope to continue to use city transportation if possible to cut down on so much wear and tear on my car and gas money!

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