Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sara and the Palin clinic

Last year the doctor at the Palin clinic shared with me that support for the clinic has dropped and he was worried about how to continue running things at the clinic.  Then, I heard that the nurses salaries were cut to help compensate.  I was worried that some of the nurses would leave and go somewhere else, so I offered to use some of my donations to help supplement salaries at the clinic until the end of the year.  (Which I've been able to continue into this year as well!) 
I didn't think much about exactly how the money was being used, but all the staff stayed the same, so I was just thankful for that and didn't think much more about it.  And since it was suppose to be anonymous, I didn't ask any of the staff about their salaries.
Then, one day I was giving our physical therapist, Sara, a ride to the capital, and she told me how thankful she was that I was at the clinic.  Then, I looked over and she had tears in her eyes.  I paused and waited for her to say more because I wasn't sure why she was crying.  She told me that she was going to be let go because of the money shortage, but since I was able to help out the clinic financially, those donations ended up paying her salary, and she has been able to stay working at the clinic! 
I was so humbled and amazed!!!  It's not my money, I am just trying to be the best steward that I can be!  So, the Lord impressed on me to help out the clinic, and I did, having no idea why until she told me that!  

I'm really grateful for Sara!  She loves the Lord and loves her patients!!!  She is a huge blessing to have on staff and the clinic wouldn't be the same without her!!!

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