Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Needs in Guatemala

There have been a few things on my mind that we could use here in Guatemala at the clinics where I work!  So, I wanted to let you know in case you are interested and able to help us reach our goals in meeting those needs.

Ways that you can be part of helping: 
1.  PRAY
3.  Talk to somebody else who might be interested and able to help!!!

Corazón de Amor clinic in Zone 3, Guatemala City
*Volunteer Nurses, Doctors, and Dentists to come help us provide health care
*Medical supplies: ask about specific needs, this changes from time to time.  
*Handheld portable doppler

Salud Que Transforma in Palin
*Volunteer Nurses, Doctors, and Dentists to come help us provide health care
*Donations for staff salaries
*Help with fundraising or advise on how to seek funding for the clinic

Nursing School in Palin and Iztapa
*Projector to help with teaching classes and provide quality education materials
*Scholarships for nursing students
*Stethoscopes for nursing students
*Expired medical supplies for teaching purposes

Let me know if your interested in being a part of supplying one of these needs!!!
Donations can be made directly to my TEAM account, just let me know how you want me to direct the funds!!!  Just click on the link below!!!

Checking vital signs during a clinic day
Filling meds in the pharmacy

teaching in the nursing school!
this day we were roleplaying
how NOT to give a community health teaching :) 

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