Tuesday, December 16, 2014

amazed and encouraged!!!

My sending church has every missionary establish a monthly prayer group, they call them Barnabas Teams.  Yesterday was the second time that my Barnabas Team gathered and I am just amazed and encouraged by them and their hearts for the Lord!!!  Such an incredible privilege to gather with this group and praise the Lord together, pray together, and know that they love me and want to encourage me on this journey to Guatemala!!!  

Support just keeps going up!!! I received a recent report and was amazed and encouraged that I can officially say that I'm at 52% of my support with others who have mentioned being interested in becoming financial partners.  I wasn't sure if the Lord would allow me to be at the 60% needed by mid-January which is the goal in order to be able to attend a required orientation in Feb. I'm now expecting that goal to be reached, and maybe even surpass that goal =)  The Lord is so faithful!  As the Lord continues to expand the team of people supporting me financially, I am so thankful for how each one is a unique story of God's faithfulness!  I feel more than just supported with money, but I feel prayed for, encouraged, and loved - that this team of people are journeying with me and are already playing an important role in ministering to the Treasures of Guatemala!!!

If the Lord is calling you to join this incredible team- there is still time and plenty of needs, and you too will be amazed and encouraged along with me!!!
I'd love for you to be part of my prayer team for sure!!!
The next goal will be getting another $1300 - $1500 in monthly support and another $18,000 in one-time gifts in order to be able to move to Guatemala!!!
If you you are able to join my financial team by supporting me monthly or with one-time gifts, click HERE for the direct link to my organization, TEAM, who collects all donations and will send you a tax-deductible receipt!

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