Friday, February 18, 2011

Reminders of Guatemala

A couple weeks ago I sat in a room with refugees from Nepal and Somalia. One family arrived from Nepal within the previous 12 hours. As I walked by them there was the oh so unforgettable smell . . . the smell on the clothing of the Guatemalan women and children that we would see in our clinics. Evidences of hard work and hours spent cooking over a fire and living in smoke filled homes. It's not that the smell is good or bad, it's just one of the reminders of Guatemala. Then this past week I got to spend a couple hours helping to run a student nurse run clinic for some of these refugees. We had a room full of 50 or so refugees representing many different countries. Languages were flying, we were making due with limited supplies, and yet there were many smiles and thankful hearts for the little that we had to offer! One of my favorite parts was the few minutes I had to play with the children!!! It brought back many memories of the clinics I was able to be a part of in Guatemala!!! I never would have imagined that my trips to Guatemala would help me to do a job in Indianapolis - how amazing is that!!!

So, what about Guatemala???
My last trip to Guatemala was now about 3 years ago. It is so hard to believe that so much time has gone by since I've been to that country that I love!!! When I moved to Indianapolis 3 years ago to complete my masters in Community Health Nursing I thought I'd be done in 1.5 years and as soon as I finished I'd be off to Guatemala to live there long term. So, while I'm learning to trust God's timing and not my own, God knows just when I need some encouragment and gives me some occational reminders that He has not forgotten the desires of my heart.

In the fall I was able to attend a conference about global medical missions. Talk about an encouragement to the soul!!! But, it was also a time of releasing my heart's desires to the Lord and remembering that I live to serve God in whatever and wherever He has called me, even if that means going somewhere besides Guatemala. That comes with a lot of fear, questions, doubt, tears, etc . . . and yet there is peace because there is no fear in love!!!

How humbling it was to stand before the large wall sized map (can't get the photo to upload) and be reminded that God is at work around the world, and God needs workers around the world!!! This was the challenge:

Where will you be involved???


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