Monday, November 9, 2009

Working hard!!!

Thought I should have some evidences of actually doing some work while here - since that is the reason I'm here anyway! This is the children's hospital where I was able to take a tour of all the different services as well as observe for a couple hours. I also returned later to do some interviews for my project.
This is the university from the entrance. It's just one of the campuses of the university and it divided up into just the social sciences.

The buildings are open concept - which is nice, except in these months it's very very cold!!! There is no heat and the wind blows through the halls making for a very chilly walk anywhere in the building! And yes, I do mean cold - it's been in the 50's and low 60's here . . .without heat and a real winter coat i've been barely staying warm enough!!!
But what an amazing view of the mountains even from inside the university!!!

And here I am working with Margarita in her office!

Things are going well for my project and I feel like i've accomplished what I needed to during my time here. I haven't done too much of the touristy stuff though. We'll see what this week brings however! And the fun thing is that I know I will be returning in March with some of the IUPUI students and will be working with some of the same professors! It's nicer to be able to see you soon instead of good-bye to all of my new friends here!

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