Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Urban Garden

I've had little experience at gardening - but have enjoyed trying. One year I grew zucchini and cucumbers and some herbs. Well, this year I thought I would try again, but the trick is that I only have pots to use for my garden. So, plants have been moving around from pot to pot trying to figure out the right size pot for the plant. Most of these plants I started from seed - the beans, zucchini, cucumber, spaghetti squash, and cilantro. I bought the basil and mint. Everything is getting bigger than I expected, and it's hard to keep up with the watering when the plants are in pots. The other day I decided that 3 cucumber plants were too much for the one planter because they are flowering like crazy but no cucumbers. I was contemplating just pulling up one of the plants to see if the other 2 would start producing cucumbers. So, the one day I just decided to pull up the middle plant and see what would happen. Well, once I pulled it out I got a better look under some of the leave and itty bitty cucumbers were growing =( i looked for them on the other plants and there were a couple, but not as many as were on the one that i pulled up. I was very sad, but quickly planted what was left of the root system and have been trying to see if I can keep it alive. So far the vine is alive and healthy although lots of the leave are all shriveled up and sad looking. Oops!

I have limited space, but somehow or another it seems to be working =) And so far no complaints from the neighbors =)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is one of the bean plants - I've had a couple small servings of beans. I just started a couple more plants to see if i'll be able to have a continued harvest of beans =)
I've been able to eat 2 zucchinis already and there is a third and possibly fourth that will be ready soon - this is a photo of one of them.

I was able to freeze some basil - I ended up with 3 of those plants and they are doing fantastic. Otherwise I'm just hoping for a little bit more fruit from the garden - and that they will stay alive for the rest of the summer and into the fall! This year was kinda random in what I planted - was trying to use up some leftover seeds. Maybe next year I'll be able to try again and be a little more prepared for planting a garden that I can handle!

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Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Way to go! Every year I think I will garden and do good until my first trip! Then the weeds get out and it's hard to get caught back up! Your's looks great!