Friday, January 25, 2008


So, I guess there are much colder places in the world than Chicago . . . but my apartment is soooooooo cold . . . there is frost covering the inside of one of the windows, artic air blowing in around the other windows, and not enough blankets to cover up with. I guess it just makes me all the more grateful for the sunshine and warm weather that will soon be coming. Until then there will be plastic and blankets and towels and whatever else we can find to keep out the cold and try to maintain some heat in this place. Another problem that comes along with the freezing temperatures and snow is a very, very, very dirty car, but no way to wash it! Don't get me wrong, the snow is pretty, but when it's white, not black and not dried onto my car! The fun thing is that I do have a beautiful flower that is growing and withstanding the frigid temperatures, it's a bright red amarylis (hopefully I spelled it right) and brings a little cheer into the apartment. I quess that i'm just getting a bit of cabin fever . . . spring will be here soon and I can't wait!!!!!!!!

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